Democrats, Keep Talking About Russians and Elections

As we watch the dog and pony show with the House Intelligence Committee grilling FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers, we see that the Democrats are just completely sore losers and are not concentrating on the important issues. These hearings are spending a ton of time and resources on issues that don’t impact policy and go nowhere. The FBI and NSA are not going to disclose what could potential be classified information for the entire world to watch. And the committee is too stupid to acknowledge this. You have to think that in this instance, Trump is a genius. He throws out the wiretapping claim and the democrats take the bait while he works on his agenda. Keep Democrats busy with something else while Trump cuts taxes and deregulation.

Additionally, it is my opinion that he leaked his own tax return for the one year he probably paid the highest % of taxes just to shut up all the people that say he doesn’t pay any taxes. He proved for that year he paid a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney, Obama, and Bernie Sanders. Democrats are acting like this intervening by the Russians is a brand new phenomenon. The head of the NSA said in the hearings that the Russians have been trying to intervene for decades. But since their anointed one (Hillary Clinton) lost, the person that sold 1/5 of the US’s uranium to the Russians, they have to shift the blame somewhere. To show how hypocritical and completely ridiculous this is, here is a clip from a few months back in which Senator Thom Tills talks about how the US has intervened in other countries elections 81 times.

So in conclusion, I ask the Democrats to keep focusing their attention to this non-issue so the Republicans in charge of the House, Senate, and Presidency can work on their agenda of tax reform and deregulation and put more money in my pocket.